You may type the accents and other symbols for Spanish on the computer by using the character map on your word processing program, or by using the following codes on the number pad to the right of the keyboard.  Be sure that the Num Lock key is depressed first.

to type the symbol:

á     F   Alt  160

é     F   Alt 130

í      F           Alt 161

ó     F   Alt 162

ú     F   Alt 163

ñ     F      Alt 164

¿     F          Alt 168  

¡      F   Alt 173

Á    F        Alt + 0193

É     F       Alt + 144

Í F   Alt + 0205

Ó   F          Alt + 0211

Ú  F           Alt + 0218

Ñ   F   Alt + 165

Ü  F           Alt + 154

ü   F   Alt + 129


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